Your Nearest Affiliate

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It’s time for another poll.

Which Angels affiliate is closest to you?

The options are to the right.

The results of the last poll … Whose year has been the most pleasant surprise?

  • Chris Pettit 32%
  • Brok Butcher 25%
  • Greg Porter 15%
  • Nathan Haynes 13%
  • Mark Trumbo 10%
  • Tim Schoeninger 3%
  • Warner Madrigal 2%
  • Ben Johnson 1%

There were 375 votes cast.


I picked Rancho even though Angel Stadium is much, much closer.

Willits LF

Figgins 2B

Cabrera DH

Guerrero RF

Quinlan 1B

Matthews CF

Izturis SS

Brown 3B

Budde C

Should be fun to see what Brown can do, and a full night of Budde behind the plate.

Doh I meant to post that to the forum

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